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Montana Fire: Summer of Fire

Length: series


From RITA award-winning author Susan May Warren comes a new action romance. A prequel to the Montana Fire: Summer of Fire trilogy. 

An action-heroine movie star looking for a place to hide finds trouble in the arms of a real-life hero...

MacKenzie Grace wants more than her wanna-be action-heroine role on the big screen. But when she finds herself in the sights of a stalker, her real life drama takes on epic movie proportions. Including her very own, real-life action hero...

Former Green Beret Luke Alexander just wants to forget his past and mind his own business in the woods of east Tennessee. And his park ranger job seems the solution. Until a diva movie star walks into his world looking for someplace to hide.

But the Cherokee forest isn’t big enough for the both of them, not if you include the trouble MacKenzie has dragged along behind her. And soon she’s stirring up Luke’s own murky past—one out for revenge. Which trouble will find them first? Is it even possible to outrun your past and start over? Luke and MacKenzie are about to find out…

This prequel to the Montana Fire Series includes an extended excerpt from Book 1: WHERE THERE’S SMOKE

Books in the Montana Fire series:

Where There’s Smoke (Book 1)

Playing With Fire (Book 2)

Burnin’ For You (Book 3)

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