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Saving Our Marriage By Sharing Each Other: Book 2 The Sex Club

Length: 31 pages20 minutes


In Saving Our Marriage Book 1, Tracy and Mike discover they are both hiding a secret; a secret that if either one acted on would destroy their marriage and everything else good in their lives. In Book 2 - The Sex Club - Tracy and Mike are again pushed past their comfort zones into a hedonistic world that neither of them is quite sure if the fantasy should stay fantasy; or if they should go beyond what is considered acceptable behavior of a good and happily married couple.

This is a sexually explicit erotic story that takes the reader, along with our main characters, Tracy and Mike, into a world of voyeurism, exhibitionism, lesbian sex, anal and double penetration sex. This is a shocking tale of how far a man will go to see his wife happy, and how far a wife will go to push herself past her sexual limitations.

Download this 5000 plus word erotic short story, which is the second installment of Sharing Our Marriage By Sharing Each Other, and find out exactly how far this committed yet sexually adventurous couple will go!

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