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The Billionaire's Choice

Length: 36 pages38 minutes


The first book introduces you to Emma and Jonathan two diametrically opposed people who find each other one fated night. Emma is just starting a new part time job as a bar maid when she runs into Jonathan, a billionaire and under 30, CEO of a large family corporation and a penchant for BDSM sexual encounters. When he meets Emma sparks fly and before she knows it she’s entranced by his good looks and smoldering sexuality. She swore off men over a year ago after a failed relationship and the embarrassment of being thrown over for another woman still stung and she is hesitant to get to know Jonathan much. Emma finds herself overwhelmed the first night on the job and causes a confrontation between her manager and Jonathan’s dislike of the way she was treated without provocation in his eyes. Jonathan wants to meet Emma in the worst way and figures out how to get close to her once more. He can’t deny his feelings are strong for her and she for him as well when they finally confront and she gives in to his domination of her in bed. She had never expected to feel this way and had only a vague knowledge of BDSM, but after the first encounter with Jonathan she’s hooked on a new form of love and agrees to meet with him to discuss how she might serve him after knowing very little about the control involved in a BDSM relationship.

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