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Catalyst: Downward Cycle

Length: 420 pages8 hours


Life in a remote oceanfront town begins to spiral downward after a massive solar flare causes a global
blackout. As planes fall from the sky, cars suddenly die, and most electrical devices stop working with
catastrophic consequences. But the loss of electrical power is just the first of the problems facing the
survivors. In the chaos, that follows. An ordinary man helplessly watches the world around him begin to
breakdown. While the thin veneer of normalcy stubbornly shrouds the coming collapse. Scott
Montgomery discovers the truth; not just about the extent of damage to the world's infrastructure but
also the drastic plans one shadowy group has for regaining control.

A shockingly realistic look at how society copes when the world is thrust back to a time before electricity.
It is brutal, deadly and largely fact‐based storytelling. Scott and his new friends battle to save their town
and themselves. They cannot avoid the steadily growing number of people who have realized that they
can get away with whatever they want in a world where there are no longer any legal consequences for
their actions. Adding to the problems is an elite para‐military organization pursuing a draconian plan to
ensure their vision for the new world with deadly consequences.

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