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Kip Keene Adventures

Length: series


The Kip Keene Box Set: Books 1, 2 & 3 contains 650+ pages of treasure hunting sci-fi adventure - three full length novels plus a previously unreleased novella.

Space privateer turned Earth-grounded treasure hunter Kip Keene and his partner, ex-FBI Agent Samantha Strike, must save the world by finding the Lost City of the Incas, plunging deep beneath the sea in search of Atlantis and going back in time to 19th century China.

For fans of classic adventure novels a la Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, and Clive Cussler, with a sci-fi twist.

The Emerald Elephant (Book 1)
The Ruby Rattlesnake (Book 2)
The Silver Songbird (Book 3) 
The Amber Alligator (Bonus Novella)

The Emerald Elephant (Book 1): after Kip Keene's ship crashes on Earth following 200,000 years in cryogenic stasis, the former space pirate awakens to find his new home threatened by an old friend and a strange relic hidden deep within the Lost City of the Incas. 

The Ruby Rattlesnake (Book 2): when a half-dead super-soldier stumbles into Kip Keene's office, he and his partner Samantha Strike are thrust into the center of a conspiracy that leads to the mythical civilization of Atlantis.
The Silver Songbird (Book 3): after an enigmatic ally winds up dead, Kip Keene and Samantha Strike find themselves taking a one way time travel ticket to 19th century China, where they must foil the timeline destroying plans of a former friend while avoiding the legendary Red Flag Fleet of a pirate queen.

The Amber Alligator (Novella): when FBI Agent-in-training Samantha Strike's gun instructor asks for help clearing his name in the murder of his wife, the wet-behind-the-ears Strike jets down to Florida in pursuit of a mysterious neurotoxin known only as the Amber Alligator.

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