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Holistic Lifestyle

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Holistic lifestyle is a personal journey through congestive heart failure, renal failure, renal transplantation, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, hip replacement, ongoing prednisone, and other prescription medications. Over the last 15 years I have spent countless hours and dollars trying anything that would help in my personal health journey.

I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle when I was eating good. However now I realize that eating is just one part of the equation. How can I eat vegan but use fluoride as an example. Or how can I claim to care about my children if I continue to use fabric softener. I realized very quickly that it is an uphill battle, but I am committed.

This book provides simple and easy introductions to help us with whatever health challenges we have and wherever we are in our personal journey. It is divided into three sections that I feel help make a healthy life: Nutrition, Lifestyle and Wellness.

This book is a quick reference to labels and additives, toxins and chemicals, complimentary and alternative medicines, health technology just to name a few.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

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