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Writing the Continuing Series and Trilogy

Length: 44 pages29 minutes


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to write a continuing series, such as Harry Potter or the Hunger Games? Maybe you’ve created a character whose story will take more than one book to tell. Whether you’re in the exploration stages of planning a series or already working on story one, this book will take you step by step and show you what it takes to create a continuing series that will have readers longing for the release of your next story.

You’ll learn how to create likeable characters.
How to plan not only book one but more stories in your series.
How to keep track of all the details of your characters and series world.
How to hook readers so they return to your books again and again.

Susan Palmquist is the author of seven series and offers her tips on how to get your series up and running in no time.

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