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Their Very First Time Bundle

Length: 48 pages42 minutes


Three different heroines, three different erotic stories, bundled together. One of them loses her virginity in an unexpected threesome. One of them fucks a man and she doesn't even know his name. One of them shares her husband with a friend. What is the common in all these stories? All of them are telling a tale of their first time.

Rose: Not long after her 18th birthday Rose got dumped by his boyfriend because she decided not to lose her virginity just yet. But all this might change soon, when she is invited to a sleepover with friends. Will she be able to resist the temptation of the two men? Does she want to?

Emma: Just a regular day in the life of the 32 year old Emma, until she runs into a total stranger, whose charm and confidence might be too much for her to resist. She doesn't want to cheat on her husband, but they both recognize the persisting issues in their sex life. In the middle of the night they finally come to an agreement to invite a stranger into their bedroom.

Lily: Lily and Tom live a regular life, busy with their jobs, so they welcome the opportunity to leave for a long weekend with their friends Andrea and Daniel. However, what starts out as a simple camping trip turns into much more. All it takes is a kiss between the two women, and soon they all find themselves in the middle of a situation that is an entirely new experience for Lily and Tom.

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