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Stoney Winston Hollywood Mysteries

Length: series


(Newly proofed and reformatted text) Big bucks incite big greed, and the quiz show Oh-Pun Sesame! Offers a $1 million prize that people will kill for. Vulnerable celebrities like show star Kelli Dengham hide career-destroying secrets. And a low-caste program staffer named Stoney Winston has to stop the murders and protect the beautiful airhead star. A perennial Hollywood foot soldier, Stoney’s equipped to navigate the backwater swamps of late ‘80s Hollywood, where he uncovers a psychotic fan writing eerie mash notes telling Kelli the fun sadistic things he’ll do to her, plus two murders linked to the show and slides stolen from Kelli’s nude photo session that could kill far more than just her career. Once again, Stoney has to rely on his movie smarts, inherent decency, and wry sense of humor to get him through all this with his sanity – and maybe his very life – intact.

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