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His True Treasure: A Steamy Regency Romance Novella

130 pages1 hour


Wealthy ton widow Louisa Browne is plagued by men. They're attracted to her looks, and her money. They won't leave her alone. 

She's told that she needs a lover: the idea appeals to her. She will have someone to escort her to balls and routs. She fails to consider the more intimate side of such an arrangement.

Lord  Alexander Fraser, the Earl of Ashhurst, is a well known Corinthian. Perhaps he'd make a suitable lover, but he arouses strong feelings in Louisa. She's a little scared of him. She knows he's not a man she could ever control.

Louisa's determined that she'll forget Ashhurst -- he's unsuitable for what she has in mind. 

However, she finally admits to him: "I've decided to take a lover."

His response? "I claim that position." 

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