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Binary Worlds

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Those who survived the mass extinction perpetrated by the Jiop in the final days of the Primitive Era, found a Prophet to lead them to the stars. In Great Ships humanity left their home world behind on journeys that would last tens, maybe hundreds of generations. In every direction humanity searched for new worlds. So said the Myth.

This quest led one of the Great Ships on a very long voyage to the edge of the galaxy. The Ship was built as the 19th of its class in the first great wave of the Human Diasporas that left Earth 2000 years After Prophet. A hundred miles long and designed to take a crew of 50,000 on a voyage to find new worlds for humanity. After a thousand generations they finally found what they were looking for, a trinary star system that had two planets with oxygen in breathable levels orbiting separate stars. One orbited a hot white main sequence star, the other a large red dwarf in a tight binary system around their common center of gravity. Much further away a yellow star orbited them both.

But after such a long time in space, it’s crew were not the people they once were, and the society that evolved on the Ship was not humanity’s best effort. And now they were going to inadvertently invade the Jiop home worlds.

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