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Flow of Grace: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa

Length: 78 pages3 hours


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Millions of devotees around the world faithfully recite the Hanuman Chalisa. These forty passionate verses give praise to Hanuman, inviting this “knower of all hearts” to live eternally within us. In return, this force of love can fill us with divine energy, remove obstacles on our path, and fulfill our true desires. With Flow of Grace, one of Hanuman’s devotees, renowned kirtan legend Krishna Das, introduces you to one of the most revered hymns of the Indian devotional tradition. Flow of Grace contains:

Krishna Das’ insights on the value to be gained by learning about the life and character of Hanuman Krishna Das’ guidance in how to chant the Hanuman Chalisa, including spoken-word tracks with the accurate pronunciation of each Hindi verse (available via download or streaming audio) Guidance on using kirtan (sacred chant) to deal with “the difficult stuff of life”

“As we sing the Hanuman Chalisa, our hearts and minds are purified, and gradually we are freed of our attachment and negativity, allowing us to recognize our Oneness with all,” says Krishna Das. With Flow of Grace, he invites you to experience the liberating influence of this great work, and to chant with him the potent verses of one of India’s most sacred songs of devotion.

Praise for Flow of Grace

"Krishna Das introduces Hanuman to the West in a personal, heart-to-heart way, a pure transmission of Hanuman. Flow of Grace is an extraordinary devotional book touching on various aspects of Hanuman ranging from who he is through why and how to chant the Hanuman Chalisa, the beautiful 40-verse chant in his honor. Having Hanuman in your life awakens you to loving service as a spiritual path, and this wondrous book provides us with a sweet and compassionate insight into Hanuman, the epitome of love and devotion." —Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

"Like his chanting, Krishna Das' writing speaks to a place deep within our own hearts. This text is infused with magic, yet it does not seem far out of reach. Through beautiful stories, and with his wonderful sense of humor, Krishna Das gently reminds us of who we truly are." —Sharon Salzberg, author of Faith and The Force of Kindness

"Wherever there is God's name there can be no unhappiness or fear. Wherever we find Krishna Das we will find God's name. When he sings we are reminded of love invincible. By singing with him, eventually but inevitably the Flow of Grace, the power of love, will overwhelm our own hearts." —Sharon Ganon, author of Jivamukti Yoga

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