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21 Female Clichés

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The topic of this book is Female Clichés. The book is devoted to new principles of female psychology. It is based on a new scientific direction called Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. The information presents some of the results of scientific research and Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis led by the Special Scientific Info-Analytical Laboratory—Catalog of Human Souls. The laboratory studies the ancient Chinese manuscript called Shan Hai Jing, where structures of 293 human subtypes are described in great detail.

This book legalizes one of the subconscious female secrets discovered by the laboratory. As you may already know from our other books and informational materials, a woman has created and arranged this society. There is also another interesting fact that was found: a woman has once created 21 clichés for herself to use. Until now no one in psychology ever considered so many clichés. So the question is: why did women create these clichés? Well, this is another one of female secrets that is no longer a secret! The thing is that women use clichés as management tools. So, from this book you will learn about these female clichés as a powerful weapon for survival, as well as seduction and conquest of men.

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