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RIDE 2: More Short Fiction About Bicycles

Length: 110 pages1 hour


An NYC messenger reencounters the girl of his Italian childhood, a woman's bike errands include tending a garden in a cemetery, a mechanic takes a game of bike polo very seriously, an eternal cyclist is chased by an evil peloton, a bike missionary has a strange encounter, somebody races the Devil, and somebody else is a little unclear on coaster brakes.

Kicking off with a story by Edgar/Anthony/Shamus-winner SJ Rozan, Kent Peterson, Barb Goffman, Keith Snyder, Eric Neuenfeldt, Nigel Greene, Jan Maher, Jon Billman, KI Hope, and artist Taliah Lempert round out the peloton in this second book in the RIDE series:

"Ride 2 is another great compilation of short fiction that isn’t always about bikes, but in some way includes a bike or bike culture. The stories are consistently entertaining and well-written, with enough diversity in subject matter that any reader will find something to relate."

"this stuff is brilliant ... if you, like me, have been previously bitten by worthless bicycle fictions, allow me to present the antidote, one that will have you e-mailing mr snyder impatiently enquiring after the publication of number three.... a triumph."

"Even if you can’t tell a crank from a bottom bracket, you can still enjoy this collection of short fiction. Best of all, the writing is quality stuff. Each piece is a carefully selected vignette highlighting just one unique aspect of cycling, full of small details, humor, and heart."

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