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The Complete TSAR Trilogy

Length: 1,019 pages13 hours


All three books plus extras at one great price.

Join amnesiac Jason Wellgood as he discovers his true identity as Universal hitman Chase Darkstaar. Follow him across the Universe as he tries to remember exactly where he hid the Trimedian and stop a Universe-wide civil war.
The Trimedian - Chase and Milk gather a group of old friends as they travel the Universe following the clues to where he hid the Trimedian five years ago. All the while being chased by deadly a Laikan hit squad as well as many other trials and tribulations
Tears of War - Chase and the gang must go back out into the Universe to collect all the ingredients to make the Trimedian and stop the WAR that has now begun. Not only will they encounter space battles and fight their way across land, but they will come face to face with the true cost of WAR.
Strangers - Separated, most of our gang is trying to stop the WAR while Chase is following a different lead. One that could mean there's more to the WAR than they thought. Could it be that there are others pulling the strings? Strangers in their midst?

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