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Keith Moon Stole My Lipstick: The Swinging '60s, the Glam '70s and Me

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A star-struck, naïve 17-year-old country bumpkin leaves home catches a coach to a near-mythical land—London and the Swinging '60s. Days later, mascara running, itching in her prickly suit, stammering from shyness, she turns up for a job interview with the UK's first ever pop magazine, Fab. On the strength of a letter she had invented, she is miraculously hired and soon finds herself living her dream as a music journalist. Judith Wills reveals her remarkable story in which she sang with Freddie Mercury, smoked Jim Morrison's joint, had a strange encounter with David Bowie, babysat Kate Beckinsale, accompanied Billy Fury to a christening, went hiking with Mr. Spock, starred at the Albert Hall with Tom Jones, lunched with George Best, graced the red carpet with Peter Sellers, got chased by Andy Williams, had the Book of Mormon read to her by an Osmond, and met just about anyone who was anyone in the day, including Keith Moon—who stole her lipstick. After eight years of pop fan heaven and hell, Judith Wills returned to the country where she became Britain's bestselling diet, food, and health writer.    

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