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“This is one insane and funny ride through Northern Manitoba.” - Rolicking City Citizen“Hysterically funny, off beat and just a d**n good time!” - Northern Copper Review“Staff Sergeant Jeans says it with humor, flair and remarkable style!” - CNIT RadioStaff Sergeant Earl Jeans in command of the Rolicking City Police (RCP) remains tormented by senior police management, local politicians and departmental issues. Pills and whiskey won’t solve everything but Earl is willing to give them a try. Detective Kate O’Malley complements Earl’s rough demeanor every step of the way. Kate is as quick with a head shot to the psyche as Earl is with a shot to the groin.In October 2009, everything stable in the mining community of Rolicking City, Manitoba changed in a matter of weeks. The murder of a local drug dealer “8 Ball” is tied into the greater specter of organized crime. A sordid maze has weaved itself within the Rolicking street people. Earl and Kate are spun sideways into yet another investigation. The RCP is quickly reined in by the District Office. Saluting by the flag of political correctness stands Superintendent Thompson. Oddly, Thompson’s management insight is seemingly derived from the mystical powers of his corporate icon.Are Earl and Kate truly on the right path or are they instead, caught up in their own deadly game? Drugs, guns or twisted confidence—maybe the answer lies quietly beneath the crime?
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