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I Send My Blankets Over You—Lessons of Love “R]ich food for the soul. With the imagery of a great poet and the insight of a learned behavioral scientist, Dr. Darya takes us on a journey that entertains and enlightens. This book informs us about the power of love at any level… I finished it more aware of the many ways that love has been the healing ointment that took me through my most trying moments, whether as a leader, life partner or father..” David A. Thomas, Professor, Harvard Business School ”It is a book of proverbs and psalms, a book of ancient wisdom. Funches is a prophet of modern times, speaking just as Rumi, Buddha and Confucius did in their times. The work is profound. For teachers and leaders, this book is a ‘must read,’ offering perspectives and exercises in ethical leadership and moral responsibility that the world requires right now. Funches gives us insight into what true prophecy is all about.” Dr. Maxine Mimms, Founder and CEO, Maxine Mimms Academies. “[This book] is a quickening force with a Champollion spirit of its own, revealing unconscious layers of the Id and how we Love. …Funches has a gift for deciphering codes, revealing what has been concealed. [It is] humorous, soul wrenching and insightful, a ‘must read’ for those wanting to move beyond old wounds affecting how they love and into being able to love self and another purely.” Good Horse Nation, Portland, Oregon “[Funches] has an uncanny ability to move from looking at deep territory within the person to the landscape of the leader’s work and then to the pulses of corporate and social change.. At a time when many are looking for ways to understand Spirit in the workplace, Funches moves us in this direction by enlarging our perspectives on love.” Jean Kantambu Latting, Professor, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work About the Book For centuries, Pure Love from the Heart is the medicine needed most for healing the past, making choices in the present and unfolding our future. It is the unifying force needed to lead families, communities, organizations and nations. Current challenges signal that the time is here to transform the human drama into life according to the consciousness of Love and Wholeness. To co-create a viable future for generations, we resolve the ancient wounds of the individual psyche and the wounds of peoples and nations. The time for resolution is now. We start with the self. -- Darya Funches
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