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Brains, Religions, and Reality
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Brains, Religions, and Reality synthesizes a worldview incorporating 21st-century knowledge and:Summarizes the unique characteristics of humans and the critical need for intellectual maturation.Identifies many basic cognitive conflicts that are impeding human progress and laments four syndromic sicknesses: Egocentrism, Fundamentalism, Despair, and Hyper-Immanence.Proposes Integrative Theology, a new construct compatible with modern knowledge.Develops a postmodern explanation for the origin of evil.Indicates the importance and means for people to undertake hero journeys to search for purposes leading to peace of mind.Portrays commonalities of science and religion and their critical need for mutual respect.Proposes a geopolitical theme that addresses the causes of terrorism.Points out that inclusivity is the most important future direction for humans.
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Brains, Religions, and Reality - Evans Roth

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