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Grinding Gears of Life

238 pages4 hours


In a world where highly developed, fully-automated robots seem to be gradually replacing men, taking over their jobs, the government has to drown people's fears of such tecnological advancement. They have to advertise the man himself, his mysterious nature, assuring that no robot will ever replace this beautiful creature. It worked, but not for George, who became an outsider in the colorful and fancy world of Art. He knows what is behind the curtain and wants to take the evil system down, but what is there to replace it with? Luckily for him, he possesses all the power to bring it down, but he still needs the final spur. And to find it, he will go against the government propaganda and prove that man is no miracle, but a mere mechanism. And what consequences will it have if George decides that future lies not at all in man, but in the tool man invented? If robots can take over people's jobs, why can't they entirely take over their lives?

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