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Ghost Hunting: A Survivor's Guide

192 pages3 hours


The Roman scholar Pliny the Younger wrote about ghost hunting—2,000 years later and the hunt still goes on. For all the thousands of hours spent by investigators in cold, dark houses, ghosts remain elusive and unproven. This book sets out to be a practical guide to show how ghost hunting can be done to best effect. Examining cases of ghost hunting in the past and present (including examples good, bad, and sometimes amusing), this guide asks if it is possible to find the answer to the age-old question of ghosts—and if so, how can progress be made on this intriguing and sometimes addictive quest? Packed with practical advice from John Fraser, the Vice Chair (Investigations) of the Ghost Club and now spontaneous case coordinator for the Society for Psychical Research, it is an essential purchase for all would-be ghost hunters.

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