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7 days modern english grammar: english grammar and composition, #1

198 pages2 hours


Welcome to the course of modern English grammar. I am here to inform you that it will be all my pleasure to make you learn English properly. Here I had written an e-book for you. It is not much expensive. If u want to learn something special you have to spend some money anywhere in internet. But at this point I can tell you that I am offering it at a very low price that you will never find in the internet .

Now the question is what the specialities of my ebook ? does it contains some valuable content ?

The answer is = yes of course .

This ebook covers every single corner of the English grammar and composition and has practice MCQ questions with answers. This ebook contains content wise question and answers. Here te wide view of the content


Sentence synthesis

Sentence completion

Sentence completion

Kinds of sentence

Combine the following sentences

Formation of questions: basic rules

Expressions about fear

Giving orders and instructions in English

Sentence correction exercise

Question tags

If clauses | Sentence completion exercise

Combining two or more simple sentences into a single simple sentence

Change simple sentences into complex sentence

Parts of speech exercise

Mistakes in the use of nouns

Pronouns worksheet

Relative pronouns worksheet

Adjectives worksheet

Adjective phrases worksheet

Verbs worksheet

Verbal ability test

Verb patterns with -ing forms

Two word verbs exercise

Phrasal verbs beginning with H

Phrasal verbs worksheet

Intransitive verbs as transitive verbs

Transitive verbs worksheet

Phrasal verbs with S

Adverbs worksheet

Adverbs worksheet

Relative pronouns and adverbs

Prepositions worksheet

Prepositions exercise (beginner level)

Mistakes with prepositions

General rules regarding prepositions

Conjunctions worksheet

Articles exercise

Articles with uncountable nouns

Subject-verb agreement

Subject verb agreement 2

Indefinite pronouns overview

Compound words

Phrases worksheet

Uses of the comma

Tenses worksheet

Tenses worksheet 2

Simple present and present continuous tense differences

Make sentences in the simple present tense

Past tense worksheet

Simple past tense worksheet

Simple past or present perfect tense

Simple past or past participle

Perfect tenses worksheet

Simple future tense

Tenses exercise for intermediate level

Tenses exercise

Identify the tenses

Identify the verb and the tense

Future tense worksheet

ing forms worksheet

Mistakes with verbs

Do or have worksheet

Going to

Combine using infinitives

Can, could, may, might

Degrees of comparison exercise

Direct and indirect speech worksheet

Reported speech worksheet

Confusing words exercise

Definite and indefinite articles worksheet

Have as an ordinary verb and an auxiliary verb

Active and passive voice worksheet

Infinitives with and without to

Determiners worksheet

As and like

Confusing expressions

Too and enough

May and Can

Every and every one

Some and any

More and more of

In case and if

Have and do

Gap fills exercise

Will, would, shall, should

As soon as

Modal auxiliary verbs worksheet

Do, does and did worksheet

Elder, older, eldest, oldest

Many or much

Rewrite as directed

Ever and never | Grammar exercise

The same word used as different parts of speech

Gap fills

Both, either, neither

Subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions worksheet

Confusing words exercise

General grammar exercise

General grammar exercise 2

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