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Kim’s Descent

Length: 68 pages1 hour


Kim marries the man she loves and for one glorious night, they consummate that union with fierily abandonment of shame or fear of sin. But it was not to last beyond that moment as her new husband’s dogma attitude changes their intimate pleasures into a sexually frustrated marriage void of intimacy. Repressed and at lost to find the way back to the magic of their wedding night, Kim makes a happy discovery that soon leaves her vulnerable to the perversion of others. As she abandons her marital vows and faith of her Minister husband, Kim descends into a world of sleazy and tawdry carnal lust with other hedonistic men...and women.

The events portrayed in this book are based on creative fictionalization of real events.

WARNING: This erotica book contains steamy sex scenes and therefore is intended for adults only!

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