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Kingston Raine and the Bank of Limbo: Kingston Raine, #2

Length: 526 pages7 hours


Nothing throws the afterlife into chaos quite like an impossible murder, except for listening to Satan's recommendation to hire an outside investigator: Kingston Raine.

As soon as Kingston and his friends take the job they realise that they have attracted the attention of a secret organisation working within the Bank of Limbo, an organisation that routinely assists the rich and nefarious in Life. What troubles Kingston is that these blackmailers and murderers are more interested in how Kingston and his friends can benefit them, and not at all concerned about having every last secret of theirs exposed.

If that wasn't bad enough, Kingston realises that he is now ridiculously famous, and the entire population of Limbo seems to know everything there is to know about him and his friends, which now puts them all in immortal peril.

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