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Cove House

Length: 384 pages6 hours


It was supposed to be a simple job in a quiet setting…

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Banham has been hired to paint a watercolor landscape in a small town in northwestern Michigan. At first, it seems like the perfect job. She gets to live in a quaint lakeside cottage perched above a sandy beach. But it’s not long before the peaceful setting turns deadly, putting her in the path of danger. In the midst of confusing and horrific events, a piece of her past she thought buried, is thrust back into the present and sets her on a path where she must fight to stay alive and be clever enough to gain back her freedom.

Sheriff Aiden Brock is determined to figure out what is going on in his town. Everything seems to be centered around Cove House and its pretty new inhabitant. Dead bodies have started turning up and evidence surfaces that makes him think someone close to him may be on the wrong side of the law. Can he stop those responsible for the trail of death and destruction? And, if he can, will he be able to stop them in time to save Lizzy?

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