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A Journey of Discovery through Intuition with Help from the Angels

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A Journey of Discovery through Intuition with Help from the Angels

The world we experience through our five senses is only the tip of the iceberg. Trisha Michael has been connected to Spirit throughout her life. As a child, she realized quickly that others did not see or feel the world as she did and that, according to her church, this was inappropriate. Then, one day, the Archangel Raphael, whole, vibrant, and in three dimensions, appeared to her; told her it was time to get to work; and distilled in her a skill set that would change her world. With Mike Russell, a longtime friend and now partner supporting her, she set off, bringing her newfound abilities and expanded intuition to those around her.

Through the unique and structured approach, the Stairway to Absolute Love, which the archangel revealed to Trisha, readers can develop and integrate new skills into their daily lives no matter their belief system. Readers first learn how to unify their split mind by actively forgiving and loving those around them as well as themselves.

Readers can claim their light, join to the expanse beyond the world we can see, and tap into the magnetic light grid that joins all things. From their connections to their light and the magnetic light grid, readers then learn how to build their intuitive natures, experience themselves and those around them in a different ways—through the chakras and clairsenses, the extended reach of our physical senses—and incorporate what they have learned and their new understanding into their daily lives.

Trisha Michael and Mike Russell has filled this book with meditations, exercises, and tidbits from their lives. Journey of Discovery through Intuition provides fun and illuminating exercises for readers to not only better connect with him-or herself better but also better understand the people and relationships in their lives.

"With their book, A Journey of Discovery through Intuition with the Help from the Angels, Trisha Michael and Mike Russell give us a wonderful exploration of a world that is unseen, yet more true than the world that is seen. Regardless of your personal thought system, you’re likely to discover things in this book that will deepen your practice and experience of intuition, as well as a sense of how to use a certain kind of forgiveness. The result will be a deeper love, which is the most real thing that there is."
~ Gary Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy

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