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The Mystery of Briony Lodge

Length: 124 pages1 hour


In this mash-up of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Jerome K. Jerome, their best-loved creations collide chaotically—with Mrs Hudson, as always, left to pick up the pieces.
221b Baker St., London, early 1890s. For three Victorian slackers—to say nothing of their dog—becoming Sherlock Holmes’s neighbours is very nearly the death of them.
Jerome and his friends are planning a jaunt when Miss Briony Lodge calls at Baker Street. The beautiful young schoolmistress is in deadly danger. But what match are a bank clerk, a lawyer’s assistant, a dog and a novelist for an international gang of desperadoes? None whatsoever. It would take an intellect of Sherlock Holmes’s proportions to set things to rights. Or maybe, perhaps, an otter.
'I belted through The Mystery of Briony Lodge with huge enjoyment. It is wonderfully silly, an ingenious conceit and altogether a cracking good read.' – Jeremy Nicholas, President of the Jerome K. Jerome Society

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