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Kill Fee

Length: 259 pages4 hours


"A sophisticated psychological thriller." — Booklist.
"Taut, well-paced, full of surprises and sparky New York dialogue." — The (London) Times.
"Perfect for a jaded mystery buff." — Chicago Sun-Times.
The freelance hit man known as Pluto takes a unique approach to his profession: clients don't know they've hired the assassin until after the murder. Pluto looks for a conflict between two people, kills one of them, and invoices the other. No one is ever foolish enough to deny payment — Pluto always collects his fee. When Lt. James Murtaugh of the New York Police Department takes on the case, Pluto begins stalking the investigating officer, leading to a suspenseful battle of wits between the detective and the relentless killer. Loaded with intriguing characters and ingenious twists, this action-packed mystery promises compulsive page-turning and an electrifying ending.

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