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Taken With A Grain of Salt: Salted Series, #2

Length: 445 pages5 hours


Anyone can be taken. Not everyone escapes.

Chidi Etienne ran from slavery knowing her chance at freedom meant beatings or worse to those she left behind. Still, the promise of life on land and the right to choose her destiny proved too great a hope to ignore.

She should have known better.

While the past returns to haunt Chidi, a pair of Midwestern teenagers struggle with the ripple effect her decisions have cost them. Kidnapped and dragged beneath the waves by Chidi's former crew, both teens are pitched into an unforgiving world where innocence is preyed upon. Even as they plot escape, Chidi and the teens must embrace their fears if they hope to survive. For darker things than Selkie slave catchers lurk in the Salted depths...and none have pure intentions for those trying to flee their watery domain.

Ranging from those who swim the deepest depths, to hunters sent ashore, Taken With A Grain of Salt continues the stories of dangerous merfolk, selkie slave catchers, and the innocent souls trapped in their deadly wakes. Here elusive runaways will sacrifice all to keep their freedom, just as desperate others will do anything to win their own. Because of all the harsh realities beneath the waves, one brutal truth stands above all: only through the loss of innocence does one become Salted.

If you're looking for dark stories with multiple POVs, stirring action, and a unique twist on merfolk and selkie legends, then you'll love Taken With A Grain of Salt. Dive into this exciting series today and find out why you'll think twice about ever swimming in the ocean again.

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