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Salted Series

Length: series


Kellen Winstel welcomed his death. Enslaved by Selkies and forced to fight for his life, he never expected to swim or breathe again after a crippling injury left him to drown.

His saviors had other plans. An ancient race long feared and shrouded in mystery, the Sancul rescued Kellen and took him into their deep domain. They believe Kellen is one of their own and that he's returned to lead them in the ascent to reclaim their former glory throughout the Salt.

Kellen knows he is not the savior the Sancul think him to be, but he also once swore that prophecies and mermaids weren't real either. Everything is different now. The only thing Kellen can be truly certain of is that he must play along and convince the mystical Sancul to heal him…or else he'll be condemned to the Abyss forever.

If you're looking for stories with multiple POVs, stirring action, and a unique twist on merfolk and selkie legends, then you'll love Salt In An Open Wound. Dive into this exciting series today and find out why you'll think twice about ever swimming in the ocean again.

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