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Vengeance Trilogy

Length: series


Now available in a single volume, Aaron Galvin’s bestselling Vengeance trilogy has been hailed by reviewers as an “eye-opening look into a frightful time in history” that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the Salem witch trials.


Sixteen-year-old Sarah Kelly never expected to meet the Devil’s daughter. She only sought innocent dancing in the moonlight, not a coven entranced by their dark priestess.

When her friends partake of a powder meant to conjure spirits - and the results go horribly awry - Sarah is forced to make a choice. To keep their secret risks her own damnation, but to condemn them may invoke the accusing remnants of Salem to rise again.


Sarah Kelly fears a father’s sins are revisited upon the children.

Her sister believes different. Adopted by the Miamiak and raised in the wilderness, Rebecca shares no such concerns. For her, memories of their early life and of Hecate’s attack remain dim.

But history condemns those who neglect the past.

When a war party brings news of a neighboring tribe attacked for harboring white folk, they demand the Miamiak aid in avenging their fallen brothers. With rumors the culprits were held in sway to a fearless witch on the rampage, Rebecca must decide whether to guard those she holds dear or seek vengeance upon a forgotten shade of Salem.


History is the story of events, with praise or blame. Rebecca Kelly believes in the latter.

After months of traipsing through the wilderness, she and her companions arrive in colonial Boston to bring vengeance against those aiding in the deaths of their loved ones. When Rebecca finds the city a foreign hunting ground littered with spies, fate forces her to align with strangers.

Questioning identities, motives, and loyalties, she discovers the plots that began in Salem stretch further than anyone could have imagined…and it will be her actions which determine whether history attributes praise or blame to the true masterminds of Salem’s legacy.

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