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Break Me: Taken Series, #1

Length: 151 pages1 hour


*This is not a standalone. Please refer to Save Me before starting this book.
*18+ readers due to language, adult situations and sexual content

A little over 6 months after being kidnapped Sierra has finally realized there is no escape in sight. There is nobody to save her and she has accepted her fate. Or is there? A ghost from the past makes their presence known but will she break before she can be saved?

Jeremy has taken his uncles business and turned it into an empire. Nobody can touch him now. As he tries to win Sierra's heart, it becomes apparent that even as he has been victorious in the business world, his personal life still needs some work. And now he has found out there is another threat that can ruin everything he has worked so hard to gain.

Forrest knows he doesn't have long to get to Sierra and the wait is killing him. Hiding away so nobody knows he's alive, he finally finds the break he is looking for but what will it cost him? He's willing to die fighting for the woman he loves but he's not alone in his mission. Now he has to worry that Damon, his best friend and Sierra's brother doesn't get hurt in the process.

Anything can happen and lives are at stake. Who will live? Who will die? Who will come out of this more broken then when it started?

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