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Little John Lou and the Mariner's Bow

Length: 30 pages8 minutes


"It all happened when on the night of the storm, when the dogs ran away, and the parents weren't home, when the sea rose up from its bed in the bay and washed all the boats and the houses away. Then the sun peeked over the edge of the waves and caught the moon napping, so night slipped away. Then Little John Lou awoke all alone in his home like an island surrounded by foam. The waves splashed against the house with a roar, but he felt like a captain far away from the shore. Though lost and alone on a billowing sea, strange though it was he felt totally free."

So begins the epic journey of Little John Lou. Join him in his quest to return to his family as he drifts along the currents of oceans and time, encountering characters, places, and authors from classic literature who help or hinder him along his way. Full of imaginative imagery and rhythmic language, this story will charm readers of all ages. Parents, in particular, can introduce their children to characters and stories from classic literature by reading this unconventional children's tale one chapter at a time as a bedtime story.

This first book provides a brief window into Little John's Odyssey as he meets the wandering seaman from Coleridge's famous poem "Rime of the Ancient Mariner."

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