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Jumpers Between Worlds 2: New Stockholm

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Inger Svensson has the ability to jump between worlds. She was born on a very poor world but now she lives in the City of New Stockholm on a rich world. She has an office on the 212th floor on one of the huge tower blocks facing the ocean. She has done well and she is happy but now someone is trying to change her world. She is friends with the wife of the man who might be the future president of the most powerful country in this world but two weeks ago her friend was replaced by a duplicate from another world.

Inger's world is under attack and she is determined to stop this. While she is following one of the conspirators she comes across Jacob Eastman who is also a jumper from another world. She does not know whether Jacob is with the people she is chasing or whether he is an innocent bystander but she has lured him to a corridor which exists in multiple worlds and that corridor can be closed off at both ends from normal reality. Now they face each other at different ends of the corridor but Inger cannot decide whether this man is friend or foe. Circumstances tell her that he is against her but her instincts tell her something else. What will she do? Read on and find out.

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