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Love, Eventually

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Ava isn’t the typical woman in many ways. Not only is she a computer whiz, working in a male-dominated field, she also grew up rich. But when she learned what life was like for those without money, she changed and came to despise that the entitled rich-kid lifestyle. She abandoned everything she grew up knowing, choosing to live off her computer store salary rather than her sizable trust fund.

When Aiden Cole, the incredibly hot, single dad billionaire, comes in to have his computer fixed, Ava is immediately turned off by his privileged attitude. But for Aiden, finding a woman who doesn’t want him for his money is difficult, and Ava has presented him with a challenge he won’t step away from.

Will Aiden find a way to win over Ava’s heart and prove he’s more than his bank account? Or will she decide that he’s too rich for her blood?

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