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Giving Her Heart to the Cowboy: A Pair of Historical Romances

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Accidental Love - A woman from Nebraska makes a contract to marry a cowboy in California but along the way there’s an accident with the stagecoach she’s in, and she’s the only passenger. A stranger stops by and the only means of getting out from her predicament is to go back to Colorado with him, as he’s a arranging a cattle drive back to his own home in California. Along the way she realizes that she’s falling in love with him, even though she’s promised to another.

When Jesus Is In The Hearts Of All Men - Amanda looked up at the scolding hot sun and wiped sweat from her brow with a damp handkerchief. She was in Eastern Texas and the sky was a dazzling bright blue, holding a blinding bright sun in the middle of it, sending powerful heat down onto the earth she was standing on. But, she didn’t mind the heat, for she knew every season God created had its purpose.

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