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Objects of Death

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Henry and Janice Blackwood just inherited Henry’s grandfather’s mansion and just happened at the right moment because Henry and Janice’s home was being foreclosed on because of Henry’s excessive drinking and gambling habit.

Janice and Henry were in the process of getting a divorce but when Janice realized he was the sole heir of his grandfather’s estate she had a sudden change of heart and tore up the divorce papers that she was going to have him sign right in front of him and said “Darling, I can’t believe the thought of divorce would enter my mind. I just wanted things like they used to be and should have been more supportive of your drinking and gambling problem and helped you seek help instead of yelling at you all the time. I hope you can forgive me?” Henry being the softhearted naive man that he was believed every word that came out of his wife’s mouth and had no clue she had been seeing many men while he was out gambling and drinking until dawn and not spending any time with her.

Her plan was to have her name on the account so she could have a lavish lifestyle that Henry was never able to give her because of his drinking and gambling habit but little did she know, that dream would never come true.

Neither Henry nor Janice knew what kind of man his grandfather was because he was a recluse and never invited his only grandson to visit him but they both were about to find out shortly the minute they opened the front door of the mansion and get the shock of their lives.

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