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Never Out of His Sight

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"Cheryl! Don’t sing that! Jewish girls don’t believe that!” Mother had let her go just once to Vacation Bible School and she learned the song, “Jesus Loves Me.” Growing older, as she learned about the Holocaust and faced anti-Semitism, it was easier to believe that no Jewish girl could believe. As her heart grew hard and cold, she didn’t care. But the time came when, in all His glory and His brilliance, Jesus proved that—yes—Jewish girls could believe.

The cover art, “Everlasting to Everlasting,” is by Fraser Leonard, a lifelong lover of Jesus which shows in all his artwork. Fraser weeps every time he talks about that day in his classroom and how his words rocked heaven without him suspecting anything. “I opened my mouth to talk to Cheryl about Jesus. She did not seem at all receptive. It wasn’t until thirty years later that she told me how my words impacted her. I fell on my knees, awed by what God had done through the words of my mouth.”

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