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Flesh and Blood

Length: 25 pages20 minutes


Mel Somerset's had a bad week. The kind of week where everything goes wrong. The kind of week where you can't properly grow eyebrows and a woman gets shot to death in your living room. The kind of week where nothing feels real except the sting of loneliness and the fading smell of blood. The kind of week where you can’t go home, and you can barely remember where you left your wallet.

The kind of week where you’re in no shape to seek comfort in the arms of another.

Mel’s a man in need, a down on his luck werewolf who can’t seem to catch a break. Even holed up in his brother’s home, a house full of love, he feels empty inside, lost and abandoned. He needs distraction, a purpose. He needs the case offered up out of the blue by his high school crush, Roxanne. She’s got problems and only this busted gumshoe can solve them.

Flesh and Blood is the second Free Read in the Empathy in the PPNW series. Catch up with Mel after his harrowing adventures in Business With Pleasure, and be sure to check out the rest of the series at

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