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A Soldier's Blues (Deployed & Betrayed)

Length: 40 pages29 minutes


Colleen Mills settled into the chair in the back of the large, loud military jet. It was the start of what would undoubtedly be another relatively uneventful day, circling the South Pacific Ocean at 40,000 feet listening to the static hiss of radio channels in the hopes of intercepting some chatter by one of the many groups laying claim to a tiny chunk of land far below. As a linguist fluent in Mandarin, she was tasked with listening to, translating, and analyzing any messages the flying spy-aircraft found. It had sounded like a thrilling job, but in reality, it amounted to a lot of long days listening to the hiss of a radio, interspersed with the occasional menial chatter between two Chinese soldiers jabbering back and forth about how bad the food was. Then there was the fact she was away from home all the time.
It pained her to be deployed as much as she was, but hers was a critical job, and the Air Force had invested a lot of money to keep her airborne. She accepted the responsibility stoically – she had volunteered, after all. It didn’t lessen the pain of having to say goodbye to her husband, James, each time she was sent to some far-off place like Okinawa, her current duty station, while he was left back in San Francisco alone. She tried to focus on her job to keep her mind off the fact that she was once again away from her husband for who-knows how long. Last time it was six months, and when she got back it felt like they had to figure out who each other was all over again. She hoped, this time, it would be different.
But soon her world would turn upside down when she entangled herself in a one-night-stand erotic relation with her fellow crew. How would her husband respond to her situation and where would they take their relationship to?

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