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The Trilogy of Savitri's Garden: The Escape for True Love (Book2)

Length: 459 pages7 hours


Book2: After the Amerindian (American Indian), Rupununi Cuyuni, had tuned into the Great Spirit, Makunaima, and learned about the storm that was about to inundate the Bellevue Estate, he had encouraged the others to work ahead of the storm to get the sugarcanes cut. But only Kalil Ansari had taken him seriously and both of them had spent a few days working past midnight to get their assigned duties completed. Just before the storm hit, Savitri had learned about the boy she had liked. The devastated storm had brought them together and True Love had begun to unfold, as many were forced to work through the storm to save the sugarcanes including the unburned area that was almost ready for harvesting; sickness had prevailed during the devastation. During the cookout, a plantation manager from another estate had his eyes set on Savitri, being the pretty Indian girl she was. Then the unexpected happen, when she was taken away to work on the other estate. Her friends wanted to find her before she was harmed by the manager that requested her services.

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