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The Trilogy of Savitri's Garden: Rebellion and Reunion (Book3)

Length: 366 pages5 hours


Book 3: Their five year labor contract was up and Kalil Ansari returned to India to see his family. He had promised the girl whom he was in love with that he would return to the colony to be with her. But then another ban had taken place in India, and now Kalil and the girl were severed from each other by the great oceans. While stranded in India, Kalil wanted to find the duffadar who had deceived his friends into boarding the ship to Guiana back in 1838, taking them away from their families for over five years, and where many had died. A few more years went by, and the ban was lifted; Kalil returned to the colony to work as an indentured laborer, hoping that the girl was still waiting for him.

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