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The Gospel According To Vladimir Banovski

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Vladimir Banovski, a gentleman in Queen Victoria's England. Born of Russian stock in Minsk, Belarus, then a province of Imperial Russia. He came to London in 1877 to become a socialite of this thriving metropolis. He works as a journalist for "Reynold's News". When he is not writing, he spends much of his time drifting into altered states of consciousness, through various means. Natural, chemical or mechanical. He considers it to be research, a "research" that takes him beyond his everyday existence. Vladimir Banovski, as well as many others were carried away by the electromagnetic revolution, eccentric inventors would need "subjects" to test their machines on, Vladimir was more than willing to visit both sides of the veil on regular occasions and he would document his adventures within the pages of his journal. Jacob Aaronson, the time is the present day, both he and his wife, Sarah, take a holiday break to London. To visit friends, family and anyway, it's where they are from, it's their hometown. Jacob and Sarah go to a party at a Golders Green address, it was Sarah's idea but she had no idea it would lead to this new obsessive nature Jacob has developed. There is over a century between Jacob and Vladimir and yet, a dependence upon each other begins to manifest. Exploration or insanity? Soul searching or homesickness? Paranoia or conspiracy? A metaphysical ponder, a jigsaw of accounts pieced together to form a supernatural mystery. Pure fantasia or a deeper psychology? That all depends upon you, the reader. Sift through and read the fantastic accounts of other realities, all less than a half inch away from where you are sitting..

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