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Writing Your First Erotic Romance and Erotica Story

Length: 51 pages31 minutes


Have you ever dreamed about writing a romance story that doesn’t stop at the bedroom door and gets readers hot under the collar? Or maybe you want to heat up your story even more and write erotica.

In this book, bestselling erotic romance and erotica author, Vanessa Devereaux shows you how you can turn your idea into a story that will have readers turning the pages again and again.

You’ll learn-
The differences between erotic and non-erotic romances
The difference between erotica and pornography
Types of erotic romances you can write
Deciding if the genre’s right for you and figuring out your comfort level
How to create sexual tension in the erotic romance
The essentials of both the erotic romance and erotica
First person versus third person narration
Male versus female point of view
Getting in the mood for writing in this genre
Markets for erotic romances and erotica

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