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Society Girls: Rhieve

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The American princess makes a deal with the bad boy she once thought was her best friend, putting both of their hearts in jeopardy.

The world views Rhieve Madison as the perfect woman, living the perfect life. In reality, she’s fighting to finally be who she wants to be. The Society is helping her achieve that goal, but when her brother goes missing, she’ll make a deal that requires her to keep up the flawless image she hates. Pretending to be Calum Benson’s fiancé shouldn’t be so hard, except that it is.

Calum Benson left the States as a boy, and he left Rhieve as well. He had his reasons for cutting his childhood best friend out of his life, but that doesn’t mean she’ll forgive him now. He needs her help more than she needs his, and when his secrets are revealed, he fears the only woman he’s ever loved will be lost to him again.

Can she save them both, and keep her image intact, or will their love cause her to fall from grace?

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