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Marriage Has No Formula

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One of four definitions of the word FORMULA is “a general law”, and examples are given of
mathematical and chemical formulae.
Another is a list of the substances used in making something, such as a medicine, a fuel, a drink,
and so on, sometimes also including a description of how they are to be mixed.
A third definition defines FORMULA as a combination of things, events and the like, that will lead
almost unavoidably to the stated or expected result.
And lastly, FORMULA can also mean a combination of suggestions, plans and so on that can be
agreed on by both sides.
Let us explore these definitions to find out if we can successfully apply a formula to marriage. As
you read the book you will realise that sometimes you getting it right, and at other times you have
got it wrong - but, what the heck? We are all works in progress!
“Blunt but necessary.” Didi Bilwane
“A very relevant book in our day.” Thulani and Portia Wilson
“Excellent work. I think the institution of marriage in South Africa is going through turbulent times
and its ‘wheels’ are coming off. This is largely due to a lack of Biblical values in the building and
running of our families. This book brings to our attention that our society’s cohesion and strength
lies in families that are God-fearing and driven by biblical values.” Pastor George Mahlobo

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