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Brahmacharya-(U) (Full Version): Celibacy With Understanding (In Gujarati)

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Each and every human being has the capacity to identify his Soul and attain salvation. However, one severe obstacle on this path could be sexual attraction/ infatuation.
None other than a Gnani Purush (the enlightened one) can help us understand the science behind sexual attraction and help us get rid of it. In the book, Dadashri, the Gnani Purush has discussed the importance of celibacy in the path of salvation...and how it can be achieved even by the married couples. The nature of sexuality, its present life dangers, as well as potential dangers for the lives to come are described by the Gnani and the beneficial effects of brahmacharya are shown with scientific exactness. Precise understanding of brahmacharya, methods by eradicating the root cause of sexuality, is given to the seeker.
In part 1 of the book, Dadashri has warned the married people of infidelity (by thoughts and actions), explained the risks thereof, emphasized on how the subtlest form of infidelity/attraction would divert us from the path of spirituality. For married people, remaining utmost faithful to his/her partner is equivalent to celibacy.

In part 2 of the book, Dadashri, has discussed about his enlightened Self that moves about unbound by any circumstance of the material world, unveils for us all ! He initiates the cause brahmacharya in the light of this absolute vision and experiential bliss for all who come to him seeking freedom from the clutches of sexuality and its misery.

In this environment rampant with profuse sexuality and its vibrations, the Gnani Purush’s extraordinary and effective speech demolishes all elements of sexuality and illusion of the seeker and makes him still in brahmacharya with understanding.

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