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Chamatkar (In Gujarati)

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In today’s age of modernization and science, people still look for some miracles to happen. They wait for some super natural incidents to occur. In a nation like India where the public at large believes in miracles, which gives rise to many superstitions, false belief and fear. How will the spiritual path lead people if these continue to prevail? What is miracle? Some phenomenon beyond a person’s intellectual imagination. However, intellectual imaginations of miracles to happen and differs from person to person.
This book on miracles throws light on whether such miracles are really important in our life? Does our life get any better or worst with happening of any miracles?
Dadashri, the Gnani Purush has explained the real meaning of miracles, the difference between miracles and siddhi(capability), the relation between belief in miracles and religion, whether practically miracles do any good to us or is it just a myth? Do miracles affect our life and religion? Can they improve or worsen our life? Can we please God by performing miracles? Dadashri wants to direct the reader to the ultimate path of Self-realization, wherein any miracles (so called) are not relevant, since the Soul is above all this.
This book will be a good read to discover the true meaning behind miracles and to walk on the path of true spirituality.

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