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Pure Love (In Gujarati)

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For those wondering how to become more spiritual, or how to lead a spiritual life, Pure Love emerges as an essential value. Naturally one begins inquiring into the ultimate meaning of love - what is love, what is true love, and what is unconditional love?

Other questions may also arise, such as:

To cultivate unconditional love, is forgiveness required? If so, how can I learn to practice forgiveness prayer?

Does unconditional positive regard evolve into unconditional love?

In the context of unconditional love, what is marriage? Can a husband and wife relationship transform into living for love, and ultimately become an example of love supreme?

In the book “Pure Love”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers a profound explanation of unconditional love meaning, and describes how Pure Love grows naturally with spiritual development.

Dadashri explains that the knowledge of Self the beginning of spiritual awakening, and that the blossoming of Pure Love is one of the signs of spiritual awakening.

Among the many spiritual books available today, this resource on the topic of Pure Love will prove invaluable.

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