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Visions of the Future short fiction anthologies



Bringing you stories of intrigue, action, love, and adventure from near and far.

Every tomorrow leads to another, and the further they go from today, the stranger they could be. We cannot predict, but, we can imagine. From that simple inspiration, Julian M. Miles has spent the last year creating dozens of vistas of what could be, and in this anthology, he shares them with you.

From alternate history, through dystopian tomorrows, to the furthest reaches of mankind’s colonisation of space, he uses the flash fiction format, interspersed with short fiction pieces, to provide many tales to enthrall and entertain.

This is the eighth volume of his annual ‘Visions of the Future’ anthologies.

It is a companion volume to Gammafall, Six Degrees of Sky, and the omnibus collection Three Hundred Tomorrows.

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